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Child Sponsorship

Please watch the video to know more about MCF Canada Child Sponsorship

There’s an African proverb that says it takes a village to raise a child.

Charles with kids
If you are looking for a way to make a difference in the world, sponsoring a child at MCF provides hope to an orphaned, lost child.

You can be a part of our village – our Family – through our Child Sponsorship program.

Journey alongside an individual child at MCF from rescue through rehabilitation. We’ll send you a photo and profile of your child and they’ll send you letters every Christmas & Easter.

We rescue orphans, child labourers, child mothers, and children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. These children come from the streets, slums, juvenile remand homes and government rehabilitation centres. Despite what they’ve been through, they are bursting with potential and only need to be given an opportunity. We want to provide them with the best opportunity.

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Your sponsorship of $35/month will help provide extensive rehabilitation for each child, including counselling, medical care and education. There are two easy ways to join our family:

Sponsor a Child Online now

Payment Options
2nd child gender (if applies)

To Sponsor a Child over the phone or for more info, please contact us at:

Dawn McGauley

Helen Wanjiku

Gender: FEMALE
Date of Birth: 27 MARCH 2003
Date of Rescue: 22 OCTOBER 2015
Current Grade: SEVEN
Aspirations: NEURO- SURGEON
Talents: ARTIST

Case History

Hellen is one of the funniest children in MCF. She likes cracking jokes and always has a bright smile on her face despite the hardships she has endured in her short life.. She is the third born child in a family with five siblings and was being raised by a single mother who unfortunately took her own life.

Hellen is in grade 6 and she is a bright young girl who has adjusted to life at MCF and thanks to the help and healing she has received, is doing remarkably. She plans on becoming a Neuro- surgeon when she grows up.

Ndoku Syombua

Gender: FEMALE
Date of Birth: 2002
Date of Rescue: JULY 2015
Grade: TWO

Case History

Nduku is the second born from a family of five children, she hails from a poverty stricken home. Both parents are alive but are not able to provide for their family. Nduku was forced to quit school in order to take on casual jobs in an attempt to help her family with basic needs. She became a risk for early marriage and teenage pregnancy but this will not be her life.

MCF came to the rescue and Nduku and her sibling now have access to parental love and care, protection, spiritual nourishment, education and all their other needs. She is currently in grade two Nduku is determined to work hard to have a bright future. Her favourite activities are playing jump rope and reading books.