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Grandpas Can

Dear friend of MCF,

Mully Children’s Family has become our extended family. When they rejoice, we rejoice with them. When they are hurting, we hurt with them. When they hunger and thirst, we reach out with a helping hand.

That is what family does.

After a number of years of making great progress in the agricultural self-sustainability area, recent reports from Charles Mulli are painting a bleak present situation. A severe drought in eastern Africa is seriously impacting MCF’s ability to minister to the most vulnerable.

As the rivers and wells dry up the ability to irrigate the crops is gone. This impacts their capacity to grow food for the 3000+ children in their care.

Then there are the people in the community around them. The drought has removed their last hope to earn a meagre living.

What would you do…

• If you were responsible for raising 3000 children while your ability to grow your own food, as well as growing produce to sell, has diminished?

• If the children in your neighbourhood dropped out of school to scrounge the countryside to look for scraps of food, or were forced to drink contaminated water?

• If you walked past a mother sitting by the side of the road cradling her malnourished baby pleading, “Please help me feed my dying child.”

This is Charles & Esther Mulli’s everyday reality.

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” – Matthew 25:40

In 2005, my first fundraising ride on behalf of MCF, they had 832 children. I remember suggesting to Mr. Mulli that maybe he should slow down in rescuing more children, so that the ones already living with him could receive a really high standard of care. He gave me a polite and gentle smile. He did not say anything, he did not need to. I soon learned that Mr. Mulli literally practices what is found in Luke 3:11, “He answered them, ‘The person who has two coats must share with the one who doesn’t have any, and the person who has food must do the same.’”

Drought and famine excerpts from a recent email from Charles Mulli:

For the first time since 2009, MCF too is experiencing the most devastating impact from the drought and famine seen in all of Eastern Africa. The Thika River, traversing the MCF Ndalani farm, has completely dried up, halting all irrigation in Ndalani. Widespread crop failure is resulting in a shortage of food supply and loss of revenue from anticipated sales. Purchased food costs have increased by 50%.

We have to continue feeding over 3000 children in MCF’s care and hereby need your prayers as we are not certain when this situation shall get better. The MCF water tanker is currently supplying clean water from MCF Yatta Branch Boreholes to MCF Ndalani for the 1000+ children and staff. The neighbourhood communities who have also depended on us for clean water supply and even occasional relief food supplies are in agony. The level of suffering and desperation is on the rise among vulnerable households. Children are dropping out of schools, scrounging for food and water.

We are in urgent need of life-saving emergency support. The current drought situation is critical. I humbly appeal to you to help us save lives through giving towards the purchase of much-needed emergency food supplies for the desperate and malnourished children, vulnerable families, as well as the 3000 children within our care.

Thank you so, so much. God bless you as you join me in this wonderful work of feeding and caring for ALL our children and the most desperate people from the nearby community.

Dr. Charles Mulli

On June 13th I will be at the starting line of Race Across America, recognized as the world’s toughest bike race. It will serve as my 2017 fundraising platform.

To view my 2013 RAAM experience, watch the “When Quitting is Not an Option” documentary. It represents our MCF ministry work, using cycling as my platform. Click to watch the documentary.

These events have a way of becoming very real and very raw. They are a classroom for life. In order to have success, I must accept adversity as a teacher and even a friend.

Follow the journey:

Arvid and Charles, 2016

Relief food for children from the community

Charles Mulli in dry Thika riverbed

Over the years, these events have taught me some valuable life lessons.

  • I have learned that when I reach the end of my abilities (which happens during every event), God is still in control. However, I still have to continue to do my best.
  • I have learned that making a difference does not come easy and there is a personal cost.
  • I have learned that the personal sacrifices I am making are insignificant compared to the personal rewards I am experiencing.

I refuse to accept the common notion that the little bit I can do does not matter in the big picture.

Grandpa Arvid –, 204-996-8758

Grandpas Can signature

This year, we are raising funds to feed the 3000+ children at MCF and those in the nearby communities who are suffering due to lack of food and water as a result of the drought. Go to to follow our ride. My support crew will post regular updates throughout the event.

The average cost of relief food that MCF buys is $.90/kg

$100 = 111 kg
$300 = 333 kg
$500 = 555 kg
other = ___ kg

Goal is $225,000 (250,000 kg)

Make cheque payable to: MCF Canada
Memo Line: Emergency Relief, GrandpasCan
Send to:
MCF Canada (GrandpasCan)
864 Hurontario Street
Unit 1 Collingwood, ON
L9Y 0G7


Prayer request:
We ask you to pray for us as we begin this mission. Please pray for Arvid and the support crew, that we will remain healthy and strong throughout. Please pray for the much-needed rains to fall in Kenya. Please pray for people to respond to the needs at Mully Children’s Family. Thank you so much. Asante Sana.

PS. In the event Kenya receives the much prayed for rain between the writing of this letter and you receiving it, it will still take all of our support and 3-6 months to get back to former operating/self-sustainability levels.