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The Mully International Half Marathon

What a Successful Run in Kenya!!  We would like to give a Big Thank You to the  Old Guys in Action for all their help and support.

The Run

  • Close to 2,000 runners participated in the 5K, 10K or half marathon including us 7 Canadians (Bernie, Ann, Ross, Sophia, Liam, Jake and Nick) and hundreds of children from Mully Childrens’ Family.
  • The race attracted some of the top runners in the world with finishing times in line with the best events anywhere on the planet.
  • The event was sanctioned and monitored by Athletics Kenya (the group that governs the Kenya Olympic team). This first run appears to have met AK’s standards and we anticipate having their approval for this to become an annual event which will include the full marathon starting next year!
  • The net result is that the Mully Marathon will become a significant annual source of funds and awareness in Kenya and internationally for the great work of MCF providing new futures for kids who had some of the roughest starts in life one can imagine. Old Guys in Action is proud to have played a part in making this happen.
  • As you know, we changed the focus of this year’s fundraising to help support MCF during a period of severe drought. While rains have now come and crops have been planted again, the reality is that many months of production have been lost and MCF is deeply grateful for the support you provided to help them while they wait for the delayed harvest.
  • True to form, Charles Mulli was proactive during the crisis providing food and water to surrounding communities. He also took the opportunity to employ local workers to harvest mountains of sand from the dry river bed for use in future construction projects…and he built a wall along the river bank to prevent stray hippos from endangering the compound.

God willing and knees permitting the Old Guys will be back next year to run the full marathon. We hope that many Canadians will join us and help grow the impact of this initiative.

Check out the Video Highlight Reel

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While the MIM was conceived as a fundraising event to help students attend Mully University College, Kenya is right now being affected by the most severe drought experienced in 65 years.

MCF irrigation systems and greenhouses have been shut down, crops have failed, fish ponds have dried up and water must be trucked long distance for the 3000 children currently in MCF care.

Under these circumstances, Dr. Charles Mully has asked us to direct funds raised through the MIM to support MCF operations and drought relief efforts in local communities surrounding MCF operations.

Please support the MIM and MCF’s drought relief efforts by making a donation.  Thank you!

The MIM is a fundraising event that will provide assistance to financially needy, academically qualified students so that they can attend Mully University College.

Through MIM you can be part of the next chapter in their journey by giving them the opportunity to study.

We need you… come run with us!!

For more information contact MCF Canada office.  More specific information coming soon as well as a link to sign up for the run.

If you would like to donate to the marathon, you can do through PayPal as well.