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Lefroy Harbour Golf Classic

In support of the Mully Children’s Family. Thursday June 22, 2017. Read more about it here.

Thank you Rosenort Public School ISCF, Manitoba!!!!

 who held a 30 Hour Fast in support of Mully Children’s Family!

ISCF students were responsible for the entire event and it was an absolute success.

Students began fasting at midnight on April 28th. They attended school that day and at lunch time they saw a Tim Hawkins video to entertain and to keep their minds off food. They upheld each other in their discomfort while they watched students not participating in the fast eating their lunch.

At 7:00 pm on Friday, they met at a local church. A number of them played instruments and led in a worship service. Their willingness to serve was an encouragement to all. They showed a short video of the Mully Children’s Family Foundation and then a feature movie, I Am Not Ashamed, the Rachel Scott story. The movie provided the participants with an opportunity to consider their relationship with Jesus and the legacy they wish to leave behind. Many students made personal commitments to living an impactful life.

A wonderful mom in our community provided breakfast for the students at 6:00 am Saturday morning of breakfast burritos and cinnamon buns (baked at the church!!).

In addition, students have used the sustainability program developed by the Mully Foundation in science classes as examples of positive climate change and sustainability.

“Students at Rosenort School have a generous spirit. They are willing to take the time and put in the effort to find ways to help others out. When students are empowered to provide leadership and encouragement within the school, the rest of the student body quickly rallies behind the leaders.

The Rosenort School ISCF (Inner-School Christian Fellowship) Executive is dedicated to providing spiritual leadership to their peers in grades 7 -12 through daily devotions before school and planning the 30 Hr Fast.”  Scharfenberg ISCF Faculty Leader



A small boy is forced to drink dirty, contaminated water to survive.

Drought in Kenya’s Northwest has left hundreds of thousands of people on the brink of starvation.

Prolonged dry spells push farmers to the brink of starvation as food prices soar and cattle raids spiral out of control.  The 2016 rains were poor, leaving 1.3 million Kenyans in need of food aid.

An SOS has been sent out by the UN over the growing threat….”unless there is coordinated action by the international community, it is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

Dr. Mulli has issued this appeal to you….

“In 2017, Kenya and the entire Eastern Africa Region is experiencing the worst drought and famine in 65 years.  Kenya’s President declared it a National Disaster in February.  The River Thika crossing the MCF Ndalani Farm completely dried up by mid February leading to a halt for all irrigation and farm activities.  Crop failure is imminent…..leading to a shortage of food supply and loss of revenue.

The neighbouring communities who have depended on us for clean water and occasional food supplies are in agony.  There is need for food relief alongside water supply to save lives of the most vulnerable.

It is my humble appeal that you pray with us during this challenging season and extend any possible support to enhance our capacity to sustain the daily provisions to children, facilitate emergency intervention with relief food supplies and water to vulnerable families in the neighbourhood communities as well as the completion of construction of a water-proof perimeter wall along the river bank.”


Drought and Famine Emergency Intervention Appeal

Please click the link above to read the latest newsletter outlining the drought and famine that is happening in and around the MCF Ndalani project.

Dr. Kairo was a young orphan who came through Mully Children’s Family Kenya and is now a doctor paying it forward for other children in Kenya. Listen to his story here.


LIVING TRUTH is Canada’s longest running nation wide church broadcast (43 years) and it emphasizes the unchanging message of God’s truth and how it interacts with people in today’s living world.

We, at MCF Canada are thrilled to have LIVING TRUTH feature a 3 week telethon entitled Faith, Hope and Love-Living Truth in Kenya.

The goal is to raise funds for the new Mully International University. We invite you to watch this 3 part series. Each program is 1 hour and filmed on site at MCF in Kenya.

Dr. Mully Interview with Brian Stann

From orphan to Kenyan philanthropist

Once an abandoned child, now a successful businessman, Charles Mulli is giving back by providing orphans a better life.



Director Scott Haze chronicles the remarkable life of Charles Mully. A man revered as “Father to the Fatherless,” Mully is a one time Kenyan business tycoon turned founder of Mully Children’s Family, the largest children’s rescue, rehabilitation and development organization in Africa.

Austin Film Festival 2015

Audience Award
Documentary Feature
Scott Haze

Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival 2016

Audience Award
Top 20 Audience Favorites
Scott Haze
8th Place

Virginia Film Festival 2015

Programmer’s Choice Award
Best Documentary Feature
Scott Haze

Winnipeg Real to Reel Film Festival 2016

Grand Jury Prize
Best Feature Film
Scott Haze