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Dear Supporters,

Last month, I wrote to you about a family of children – Brian, Faith, and, little Samuel, who had just recently joined Mully Children’s Family (read here). This month, I want to share with you a glimpse into what the future might look like for these three children. 

Mercy is a brilliant girl who also comes from a family with three children. The early years of Mercy’s life were filled with tragedy. She never knew or saw her biological father, just like the three children I wrote about last month, but she did have a stepfather. He passed away when Mercy was quite young.

Like too many women in sub-Saharan Africa, Mercy’s mother died due to preventable causes during childbirth. Sadly, this was only a short time after the passing of her stepfather. 

The family of children– one who was just a little newborn– was poor and alone.

Mercy at age 9, when she joined MCF.

Mercy at age 9, when she joined MCF.

After the burial of Mercy’s mother, her grandparents took the children in. They did not have much money being too frail to work much. Many nights the children would go to bed hungry and cold because their grandparents could not provide more than love.

It was the area administration chief that highlighted Mercy’s case to MCF. After a home visit, Dr. Charles and Esther Mulli immediately rescued Mercy and brought her into their care. She was just 9-years old. 

Thanks to supporters like you, Mercy was given everything that she needed to thrive: good food, shelter, clothing, spiritual nourishment, medical care and protection, and an education. 

School was Mercy’s great passion. She was enrolled in grade 3, and it was clear that she would excel.

As she grew, Mercy continued to demonstrate her scholastic excellence and strong leadership skills. She graduated high school with top marks. Eventually, Mercy achieved her dream – attending the Bachelor of Science in Medicine and Surgery program at the Nairobi University.

Mercy graduated with honours, and is currently a doctor under government employment. She pursued further studies and recently graduated with her Masters of Medicine in Clinical Oncology in December 2020.

Thanks to the help of supporters like you, an orphan living in poverty has grown to become the very first doctor in her home region. She has become a source of hope and light in her family and many children in MCF. 

Thank you for supporting children like Mercy. Dr. Mulli, his wife Esther, the Board, and I are grateful for your help in transforming lives.


Esther Atemo

Executive Director

MCF Canada






P.S. Did you know that a gift of any amount today could transform a life? The costs of rescuing a child and giving them what they need to thrive are high. Your gift of any amount today will make a difference in a child's life.