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The incredible rescue of Samuel and his siblings.

Dear Supporters,

I write to you with a sad story about MCF’s youngest family member and his siblings who came to us in late 2020. This story broke my heart, but Dr. Mulli gave me an update that will make you smile.

I want to thank you for your generosity. Happy endings for orphaned children who join our MCF Family are only possible because of your support.

Mbatha was a girl in trouble.
She was poor and sick.

When she was a young girl, she became very sick. Unable to afford hospital care for Mbatha, her parents watched in vain as her sickness left her with severe mental illness. Eventually, Mbatha left home to live on the streets when she was about 12 years old.

Being a young, vulnerable girl, it did not take long for Mbatha to fall victim to sexual predators. She had her first baby when she was just 13 years old, a little girl named Faith, now 10.

Mbatha now has 2 other children, Brian (4) and Samuel, who is now just 10 months old. Her mental health prevented her from forming any attachment to her children. After giving birth, she would bring them to her own parents and return to the streets. The children’s grandparents did their best, but they were impoverished, too.

Sometimes Mbatha would return home. In her illness, she would beat her children and threaten to kill them.

Mbatha would attempt to sell them for very little to the worst form of humanity– those who buy and sell children for profit and evil deeds.

The children’s grandparents did everything they could to protect them. When Mbatha’s mother died, the children only had their grandfather to count on.

Mbatha's children: Brian (4), Faith (10), Samuel (10 months).


It's tough to imagine the circumstances that some of our children come from. Your monthly gift ensures that a child receives extensive rehabilitation, including counselling, medical care and education.

In May 2020, when Samuel was born, his mother attempted to sell him in the nearby town. The Children’s Court committed all three children under the custody of MCF.

As soon as they arrived, all three children became special members of the world’s largest family. The two older kids require extra care and counseling to overcome their past trauma; they need love. Dr. Mulli let us know that they will require this kind of therapy for a while and that it is still ongoing for them.

Samuel became the youngest member of our MCF Family. He was just 5-months old when he arrived. He was so sick- he had never attended post-natal clinics. This fragile baby was very fearful and unhappy. Thanks to support from people like you, he is now thriving. He is a chubby baby who can crawl and is learning to stand independently. He is even babbling! We thank God that now he smiles, laughs, and engages with other children.

These children will now have opportunities that would never have been available to them in their past circumstances. They will always have access to a safe place to sleep, good nutrition, an excellent education, hobbies, and, of course, love. You can help these three children, and so many others just like them, by providing a gift that will support their care. Your help today will truly be life-changing. Donate Now.

Thank you for supporting children like Faith, Brian, and little Samuel.
Dr. Mulli, his wife Esther, the Board, and I are humbled and grateful for your gifts.

You provide so much hope.

Esther Atemo Executive
Director MCF Canada

P.S. Did you know that a gift of any amount today will help children like Samuel, Brian, and Faith?

The costs of rescuing a child and giving them what they need to thrive are high. Your gift of any amount today will make a difference in a child's life.