There are so many children in Kenya who live in despair, waiting for your help. This Christmas, you can give the gift of hope.


A generous donor has offered to match your gifts *dollar for dollar!


*Up to $20,000

“Most of the time, I slept hungry
because food was never guaranteed.”


Hope. It is the powerful message of the Christmas season and it is everywhere in our Mully Children's Family. Hope is present in your support, the life-saving work, and in the loving vision of Dr. Charles and Esther Mulli. So, in writing you this Christmas, instead of dwelling on the challenges of 2020, I want to bring you a message of hope.

"Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope," said Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King in his famous "I have a dream" speech. For me, this quote captures the story of Evelyn, a young woman whom you have supported over the past few years. Evelyn is the eldest of four children. Her start in life was not easy. Each day, her father would leave the house to find some work, and then usually, without success, go drinking. Each night he returned home with alcohol and anger on his breath.

His anger would turn to violence and he would beat her mother. All four children witnessed this most nights. When Evelyn was in grade 2, her mother had to make a tough decision– she ran away from violence and she ran away from her family.

For a while, her father tried to care for his children, but he could not maintain stable employment. Ultimately, Evelyn and her siblings went to her grandparents' home. But her grandparents struggled to support 4 growing grandchildren. They had no stable source of income. They reached out to their own children, Evelyn's aunts and uncles, for help. None was given.

"Most of the time, I slept hungry because food was never guaranteed. I walked barefooted because there was no one to provide for my clothing,” she reflects.

Evelyn's poverty was deep. Her grandparents could not afford school fees, so she usually stayed home to care for her younger siblings. Yet, with her grandfather's love, she managed. When he passed away, her situation became dire.


"When I was in grade 8, my Grandfather- MY HOPE– passed," she shared, “I had no hope in life.”


As challenging as that time was, not long after that she was found by Mully Children's Family. With the help of supporters like you, she was brought into the loving sanctuary of Ndalani. She is now an articulate young woman with dreams and a bright future- this would not have been possible without you.

“Since I joined MCF, all my needs have been met - food, clothing, shelter, spiritual nourishment, and forgiveness for those who hurt me,” she said. "Through the education I have been given, I would like to pursue my dream career…to become a medical doctor. I would like to help the vulnerable in the community. I would like to share God’s hope.”

So you see, hope is everywhere in Mully Children's Family. As you celebrate the hope of the 'baby in the manger' in a few days, think about the children in Kenya who need hope. There are so many children who live in despair, waiting for your help.


Will you share the hope of Christ this Christmas?
For $50 a month, you can rescue a child from poverty.
For $100 you save 2, and for $150 a month for a year, you save 3 children!


I know this year has had challenges and hardships for all of us. I want you to know that I keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Your support of our children has been a great source of hope and encouragement. I wish you and your family a happy and safe Christmas season, and a blessed 2021!

Merry Christmas, 

Esther Atemo
Executive Director
MCF Canada 



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