GrandpasCan 2022

August 6-7

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Dear Friend and Supporter of Mully Children's Family (MCF),

'When we focus on what we can't do, we risk missing out on seeing God do great things with what we can do'. -Grandpa Arvid

It is that time of the year when you expect to hear from my wife Ruth and I (Arvid) again. By now, most of you are familiar with our story. Yes, I am that crazy old Grandpa and his bike again. I am also on the board of MCF Canada. I am 65 years old now and sometimes it feels like I am cycling on 2 flat tires with the brakes rubbing, but hey, at least I am still moving forward.

 The 'Little Bit' I can do, does NOT matter in the big picture. WRONG. Eighteen years ago that line of thinking was 100% me. But then God got a hold of me and set me straight. Yes, I can still only do a little bit, but God can and has done a lot. How true this is, but there is a catch to it. God is asking me to do my part first. 

Since 2005, with your help, God has turned my 'Little Bit' into $10 Million that we have been able to send to Charles & Esther Mulli. Thank you for supporting MCF for 18 years via my cycling platform. We give God the Glory.

Arvid & Ruth (when Arvid is not on the bike)

Thirty three years ago, when Charles Mulli brought the first street child into his home, his family, his friends, and his church questioned what he was doing. 'Why are you doing this? Even with all your money, the 'Little Bit' you can do will not matter in the big picture. WRONG. Over 20,000 children/adults will testify that the 'Little Bit' that Charles Mulli could do has changed their life and the community forever.

August 6-7-2022;  The Longest Non-Stop Bike Ride

In 2009, I cycled 711 km before I stopped to rest. To date that remains my personal best. Now, thirteen years later at age 65, what is still possible? I expect to find out on August 6-7. Start time is 7am CST at Birds Hill Park, Manitoba. I am allowed to stop for bathroom breaks, etc, for a cumulative total of 60 minutes of 'off-bike time' over the course of the event. In other words, eating has to happen on the bike and there is NO rest or sleep time. My ride will be over when I have stopped for a cumulative total of 60 minutes. My Facebook page (here) will provide updates. It will be raw, it will be real, and parts of it will get ugly.

Ndondo Mulli and her husband Kennedy, as well as Mumina and Boniface will participate in my summer fundraising activities. Mumina and Boniface will also participate by cycling with me for as long as they want/can.



In 2005, Mumina sat on the back of my tandem bike as I pulled 3 MCF beneficiaries in rotation across Canada in my inaugural cycling platform. Mumina now has a diploma in avionics.

Mumina's dream is to become a Missionary pilot.
Mumina sets the beat on his drum as Arvid arrives at the Manitoba Legislature during Spoke 2005, the Canadian Safari


Boniface graduated with a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Chemical Engineering. He is presently working at MCF as a mentor to teenage boys. He also trains the acrobatic club.

Boniface graduation photo with Esther and Charles Mulli
Acrobatics at MCF


Ndondo (Charles & Esther Mulli's daughter) was the chaperone in 2005. She will be here with her husband Kennedy. Ndondo is the Director of Operations at Mully Children's Family in Kenya, Africa.

Our 2005 team arrived safely at the Atlantic Ocean. Thank you, God, for your protection.
Ndondo and Kennedy
Community children enjoying a meal provided through MCF

$250,000 = 500,000 meals/times children will NOT need to go to bed hungry.

With COVID, the Ukraine/Russia crisis, climate change, and rising food costs across the world, the shortage of affordable food is becoming a crisis in many places. In impoverished community schools around the MCF centres, children are going to sleep hungry. They wake up hungry, they scrounge in markets, streets and even the garbage dumps looking for anything to fill the void in their stomachs, instead of going to school. Today MCF provides food rations (1 meal/day) to 62 impoverished community schools, totaling 20,000 students/day. (please take a few seconds to let that sink in) This is in addition to providing for more than 5000 kids in their 8 centers. The average cost per meal is approximately 50 cents CAD. The 'MCF's General Funds' are used to purchase this bulk food.

A few stats about the impact of the Community-school initiative by MCF:

Mully Children's Family believes that a basic education is the beginning of a brighter future.

  1. When MCF provides a meal, the school's enrollment and retention has increased in most schools from approximately 45% to 80%.
  2. During the drought season in 2021 approximately 82% of the children testify that the school lunch provided by MCF is their only meal of the day.
  3. The distribution of food to the community schools has opened a door for MCF co-workers to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the children and the teachers.Thousands of children have given their lives to Christ in these schools through evangelism and mentorship programs.

The goal of GrandpasCan 2022 cycling platform (The Longest Non-Stop Bike Ride) is to raise $250,000 and help Charles and Esther Mulli provide 500,000 meals for children from these community schools.

I ask you to pray for me for courage, commitment and health. I have asked a number of long-term major MCF supporters to pledge to donate $5 or $10/km for every km I will ride during The Longest Non-Stop Bike Ride. I have $110/km pledged. That means for each km I ride before I need/decide to stop, 220 children will NOT go to bed hungry. If you want to support this initiative in this way, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your per-km pledge.

For the majority of you, here is how you can help.

Over the past 18 years, I have seen God do great things with the little bit I can do. He will do it again, but He is asking all of us to do our part. Please consider helping Ruth and I pay for 500,000 meals this summer.

I have never regretted feeding a hungry child, and neither will you.

Asante Sana. Thank you very much,

Arvid & Ruth Loewen — This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 204-996-8758

Make cheque payable to: Mully Children's Family Canada, memo line: GrandpasCan

Send to:      
MCF Canada, PO Box 35027,
RPO Henderson, Winnipeg, MB, R2K 4J9

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