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Twenty five years ago this month, Charles Mulli accepted God’s direction and gave his life to rescuing children from the streets and slums of Kenya. It was, and still is, a daunting task. There are so many who need help.

Charles told me his strategy the first time I met him. With the Holy Spirit’s guidance, of the hundreds of thousands of lost Kenyan children, he would save one child at a time.

Today, 25 years later, with God’ help, 10,000 children have been rescued and 2500 are currently under the care of Mully Children’s Family. When I think about this, it is hard to comprehend.

The Family is celebrating this accomplishment in Kenya but we can celebrate in Canada too. For years Charles has dreamed of a Mully University College. Now, on this important anniversary, we can help make this dream become real.

Canadians can help by sending donations to help build needed facilities, recruit staff, create curriculum, fund student expenses and purchase equipment. This 25th anniversary gift will go a long way because the return on investment will be graduates of MCF who will go enter Kenyan society and become leaders in their country.

Donations can be given on a monthly basis through our automatic bank deposit system. We accept credit card donations and normal cheques. Simply mark your donation “25th year anniversary project”.

One day soon, you will be very proud of the first graduating class of the students of the Mully University College because your donation helped to make it happen.

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