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Every $2 you donate provides 1 chick 

Our Mully Children’s Family is blessed to have supporters like you! 

As we look back on Canadians gathering around the table for a holiday meal, I look towards the upcoming Christmas for our beloved boys and girls in Kenya. What will be on their holiday table? 

This year, we are praying it will be chicken. 

Thanks to the support of some of our donors, we were able to build a 20,500 sq. feet / 1,875 sq. meters barn that can hold up to 40,000 chickens at a time. 

But we urgently need your support to stock the barn with poultry. 

You can help us make this a reality for them. Please give by November 1 so we can have enough chickens to feed our large family throughout this holiday season and into the new year. 

A Sustainable Investment 

In keeping with our vision to have sustainable projects, we will sell any extra meat to local grocers to support the community while also generating income to re-invest in more chickens and meet our additional financial needs. 

The only thing that’s missing are the chickens!  

The Poultry Project is our unique and proactive approach to leveraging our work in plant and animal farming, along with our sustainability and environmental stewardship programs to address the issue of food safety, hunger, and malnutrition. Your gift to the Poultry Project is a Gift that Keeps on Giving.

How many chicks can I donate?

$20 for 10 chicks

$50 for 25 chicks

$100 for 50 chicks

$200 for 100 chicks

$500 for 250 chicks

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