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Mission Trip Fundraiser For Marie Sullivan

It is my desire to join the Medical Mission to Mully Children’s Family (MCF) in Kenya from July 22 to August 5, 2023 to help provide much needed medical services to the Mully Children’s Family children and the surrounding community.  Mully Children's Family is a Christian organization founded and run by Dr. Charles Mulli.  Dr. Mulli is committed to transforming the lives of orphaned, abandoned and abused children and over the last 30 years has helped over 25,000 children.

I have always enjoyed volunteering and giving back to society. I began when I was a teenager, working first as a hospital volunteer, then at a day care and I even went to China to teach English and physical education. Over my 26-year teaching career, I have coached many school teams.  I started a Best Buddies program, creating friendships  between students with and without intellectual disabilities for weekly and monthly outings.  I delivered with Meals on Wheels with a former special needs student. Most recently I provided free swimming and tennis lessons to those in my community.  As you can see, serving others has been important to me and with your support I plan to continue that work in Kenya.

Below are some pictures and comments from a volunteer who participated in last year’s mission. 

“It was a remarkable two weeks.  Seeing and serving the World's Largest Family in Ndalani, Kenya has once again humbled and inspired me.  In the course of 6 days, hosting a medical clinic with 4 doctors and 2 nurses, we served 1600 patients. We saved a few lives and improved the health of hundreds of Mully children and the villagers around the compound. Through it all, we connected with and experienced the redeeming life of over 800 children.”

“There are a total of 11 campuses in the MCF Family, some simply day schools, but in total caring for 5500 children daily.  There are 240 teachers on staff and an abundance of social workers to assist children in overcoming their traumatic young lives.  Quite simply, they make children who were nothing into something!”

It is my desire to contribute to this worthwhile and meaningful cause.  To do that I need to raise $5000.00

I kindly ask you to consider contributing to this opportunity.  It is my promise to give all I have during these two weeks in Kenya to improve the lives of those who have so little.

If you are yet to be convinced of the merit of this work, please take a moment to watch this video showcasing the remarkable story of Dr. Charles Mulli.

Thank you for considering to support me in this venture!  All donations are tax deductible and can be made by clicking on the link below. Please make sure to select my name, Marie Sullivan, when making your donation

May you be blessed for your generosity. 


Marie Sullivan

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Thank you for taking the time to read this and for supporting me.

For the children and villagers.