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Mission Trip Fundraiser For The Tans

Dear Friends,

I would love to share with you a cause very close to my heart, a special opportunity to volunteer in Nairobi, Kenya in the summer of 2023. I will be part of a Mission trip that will help provide optometric, dental, and medical care to the children and community members for one of the largest orphanages in Kenya as well as care to the  surrounding villages. The need for dental care is tremendous as there has only been one dental mission to support the community over the last 3 years. (You’re welcomed to join in!)

The Mully Children’s Family (MCF)  organization founded by Charles Mulli. Charles and his team seek out, rescue, and rehabilitate children from the streets of Kenya, who have been abandoned, orphaned, often abused, and infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. MCF cares for over 2500 children at a time and has helped over 10,000 children for the past 29 years. What inspired me is their goal to become a completely self-sustaining organization! If, like me, you find Charles Mulli’s work inspirational, please consider donating. 

If not your time, then of your tax-deductible gift provided in the link below

All donations are tax deductible and can be made by clicking on the link below. Please type "The Tans" when making your donation.

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Important: Please mention ‘The Tans’ in whatever channel you use. Remember to give your name, address, and email for MCF Canada to be able to issue the tax receipt.

If you donate via e-transfer, please also send an email with your name and a physical address. This is required by CRA for the tax receipt. We email the tax receipt to you unless you indicate you prefer a paper copy.

The tax receipts are sent out in February of the next year.