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Your Invitation to Participate

When Quitting is Not an Option …
destitute children’s lives will be saved and transformed forever

Starting May 20th, 2019, I (Arvid Loewen) plan to ride one km (locally) in honour and celebration of each of the 15,000 children that have graduated from Mully Children’s Family in 30 years. My 15,000 km ride in honour of 15,000 changed lives will end on August 8 at NKMB church.

We will be celebrating:

  1. Mully Children’s Family (MCF) 30-year anniversary
  2. Arvid’s 15th year of extreme cycling events on behalf of children at MCF
  3. Charles Mulli’s 70th birthday

My detailed schedule will be posted at

How can you participate?
By celebrating Charles Mulli’s 70th birthday. I am inviting 70 solos or family units to target riding 1000 km between May 20th (the start of my ride) and Aug 8th (the completion of my ride). I would ask each solo/unit to TRY and raise $1/km in pledges or personally donate $1/ km to Mully Children’s Family.

Mr. Mulli is planning to be at the event on August 8. You will be able to meet him in person, wish him Happy Birthday, and present your donations.

The distance (1000 km) and the amount ($1/km) is a suggested target only. Any distance or amount is greatly appreciated!

Please note: You are responsible to track your own distance cycled and also to collect the pledged amount. Receipts will be issued for donations $20+ and should be submitted with all proper information (name, address, etc) so that receipts can be issued.

You do NOT need to register, but I would appreciate you letting me know that you plan to participate.

For more info contact Arvid Loewen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Come join us at the MCF/GrandpasCan Celebration at 6:30pm on August 8, 2019, at NKMB Church, 1315 Gateway Road, Winnipeg, MB!

In 2005, the Canadian Safari, Arvid transported three teenagers (in rotation) from MCF on a modified tandem bike 7000 km across Canada. We are planning on bringing Paul Gachoka, Lydia Akinyi, and
Joel Mumina back for the celebration at NKMB. We want them to share their story of life before MCF, while
at MCF, and now living as adults after MCF. Charles & Esther Mulli will be present to join in thanking God for the many years of partnership with Canadians. Arvid will have just completed his 15,000 km ride. He and others will share highlights from the many years ‘on the road.’ Please note: Two similar events will be planned at Hutterite Colonies on August 9 & 10.

The funds you raise/donate will go towards the General Fund.

In November 2018, Ruth & I visited MCF with 12 of our friends. We also went to visit one of MCF’s newer projects still in the start-up stage. It is located in Turkana County. We helped serve about 600 children their ONLY meal of the day.
Some of these children had walked more than 5
km with their younger sibling on their back in 35 degree celsius heat. They then stood up to 1.5 hours in line waiting for their only meal of the day.

As we served the special meal of rice, potatoes, steamed cabbage and goat meat, the scene reminded me of when Jesus instructed his disciples to feed 5000 people. In the Bible story, a young boy had five loaves of bread and two fish. Jesus blessed them and the disciples served the crowd. When everyone was fed, they had 12 baskets left over. We wondered whether there would be enough food for all these hungry children.

In North America, God has blessed us with more food (resources) than we need. He is asking us to use those resources to feed the hungry.

Your support will go to purchase food, the most basic of needs of every destitute child.

In addition to the 3500 children MCF cares for at their six locations, MCF presently also provides one meal a day to students in 15 public schools in extremely impoverished communities around MCF.

Make cheque payable to: MCF Canada
Memo Line: GrandpasCan Send to:
MCF Canada PO Box 87558
Thornhill Square Thornhill, ON L3T 7R3


You can bring your donation to one of the events either Aug 8, 9 or 10. Thank you – Asante Sana,
Arvid & Ruth Loewen Charles & Esther Mulli

By phone: 647-724-9444
Mailing address: PO Box 87558 Thornhill Sq. Thornhill, ON L3T 7R3

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