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Executive Director

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Esther is an experienced non-profit leader and relationship-builder. Prior to joining MCF Canada in 2020, Esther worked with the Alzheimer Society Toronto for 10 years where she was an instrumental leader in program innovation, design, development and delivery for healthcare professionals and caregivers in communities throughout Toronto.

With Dr. Mulli and the Canadian Board of Directors, Esther is thrilled to guide the focus and direction of MCF Canada to provide hope to some of Kenya’s forgotten children. Esther thrives in relationship building and she hopes to foster partnerships that align to leverage the support and commitment of MCF Canada’s generous, faithful and committed stakeholders, including donors, employees and volunteers. 

Esther has degrees in Gerontology and a Master’s in Leadership from the University of Guelph. Esther is pursuing and is on her way to completing a master’s degree in Business Administration from Athabasca University.

Ugandan by background, Esther feels a deep connection and sense of honour to join the largest family in the world– MCF. This is a family (MCF) that demonstrates how faith, love and kindness can transform the lives and destinies of children in Africa. 

Director of Communications

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Rebecca is a values-driven health and social development communications specialist. She has over a decade of experience working to improve the health and well-being of both Canadians and people around the world through strategic communications and fundraising. Rebecca’s work is motivated by the truth that we are universally entitled to health, justice, and dignity.

When she is not supporting the work of MCF Canada, Rebecca works with other NGOs, and a research team at the University of British Columbia, sings with the Vancouver Opera, sits on the board of an immersive musical experience collective, Players and Singers, and parents two adorable dogs, Boy George and Matzie.

Administrative Assistant/ Social Media Specialist

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Carel Gicana is an administrative assistant and social media specialist for MCF Canada. She is a recent English and Political Science graduate from the University of Toronto with a passion for art, story-telling and social media. She runs a personal vlog channel on YouTube with the goal of showcasing glimpses of God’s faithfulness in her life. Carel aspires to help people in the field of Law one day and is currently taking up paralegal studies at Seneca @ York University.

Our Board

Chair of the Board

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Paul is a Professional Engineer in Winnipeg, Manitoba working as a capital project manager in heavy industry at their family’s engineering and construction company of Boge & Boge.

His love for Mully Children’s Family began when he visited MCF Ndalani for the first time in 2003. There he saw the incredible work that Charles and Esther Mulli and the entire MCF team are undertaking to rescue and rehabilitate children. Paul taught physics, math and Bible at MCF and sensed a deep connection with the ministry of reaching children with the love of God. Charles Mulli asked Paul to write his life story which became the Globe and Mail bestseller Father to the Fatherless: The Charles Mulli Story. He has written 9 books including award winners Hope for the Hopeless: The Charles Mulli Mission, Hannah’s Hope: A Mully Children’s Rescue Story, and The Biggest Family in the World: The Charles Mulli Miracle.

Paul is the recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Award, the Joy Smith Foundation Award and the Grace Irwin Award for best book in Canada.

With over 15 years involvement in Mully Children’s Family, Paul has known children who were once destitute now leading fulfilling lives in Kenya. He has witnessed the ingenuity, hard work, faith, commitment and transformational love of MCF that has directly changed thousands of lives in Africa.

Vice Board Chair, Treasurer

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Cathy was born in Toronto. She spent about 5 years of her early childhood in India. Cathy stayed home to raise her 5 children and then taught Math at Unionville High School. Cathy and her husband, Al, live in Thornhill. They attend Peoples Church. They have taken several volunteer teams to Mully Children’s Family, Kenya. That is how much they love MCF! Cathy’s children and their spouses are spread out across Canada from B.C. to Nunavut. Cathy and Al have 20 grandchildren.


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Kelly Mah, MBA, MEng, P.Eng., PMP, is married to his high school sweetheart, Helen, for over 26 years and they have 2 teenaged children. Kelly has been involved with MCF since 2009, by leading teams of Canadians to MCF Kenya and serving as the MCF Canada Board Secretary.  He loves seeing the transforming power of Jesus’ work in the lives of the MCF children and in Canadians who visit MCF Kenya. 

Kelly works as a Management Consultant leading global strategic transformations with IBM Canada, for nearly 20 years.  He and his wife are passionate Entrepreneurs who own a real estate investment company and a financial services business.  His favourite past times are helping families increase their financial literacy, building businesses, global travel, golf and ice hockey.

Finance Committee Chair

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Stuart Hartley, FCPA, FCA, has six children and has been married to Carol for nearly 50 years. He is very excited about the work of Dr Mulli in Kenya. He has visited on a number of occasions.  He loves to see the hope and joy in the eyes of children that have been rescued, and helped in practical ways or have become followers of Jesus. 

Stuart is the founder and CEO of FocusROI Inc., a firm that provides specialized training and support materials for CPA firms across Canada and around the world. Before that he was a senior audit Partner with BDO.  Stuart is the author of CPA Canada’s Professional Engagement Manual, and the author of the Guide to Using International Standards for Small- and Medium-sized Entities.

Board Director, Fundraiser

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Arvid and his wife Ruth have been married for 39 years.  They have three married children and 11 lively grandchildren.  They make their home in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  His involvement with MCF began in 2005 in an event known as Spoke 2005:  the Canadian Safari.  God touched their hearts which led to him resigning from a 31 year career in business in 2006 in order to become a full-time volunteer ambassador on behalf of MCF.  Arvid has visited MCF several times and has served on the Canadian board since its inception in 2006.  Arvid has cycled 300,000+ kilometres on behalf of MCF using ultra-marathon cycling as the platform from which to raise awareness and funds for Mully Children's Family.  


In July 2019 Arvid was awarded the Order of Manitoba.  He was honoured to receive this award in recognition of his service to the children of MCF, inspiring others that we can all make a difference.  Even GrandpasCan!

Board Director

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Ndondo Mutua Mulli is the 4th born of Dr Charles and Esther Mulli.  She was born and raised in Eldoret, Kenya where MCF began. She has witnessed the whole transformation story from living the affluent life, to her father’s declaration of never to work for money again. Adjusting to the new life was not an easy road, but later on she joined her parents in the vision of “Saving Children’s Lives.”

Ndondo began working on a volunteer basis immediately after her grade 12.  She has worked in different capacities in MCF as a teacher, a counsellor, social worker, Global GAP auditor, Operations Manager and she is currently the Operations Director in MCF Kenya. She holds Masters degrees in Human Resource and Strategic Management from Daystar University Nairobi.

Founder, CEO and Board Director

Dr. Charles Mutua Mulli is a celebrated social entrepreneur, Philanthropist and the Founder of Mully Children’s Family(MCF) based in Kenya, a Christian charitable organization he founded in 1989 to rescue, rehabilitate and transform lives of street children, orphaned and vulnerable children. MCF reaches out to disadvantaged populations to transform their lives and enable them lead dignified livelihoods. The foundation of Mully Children’s Family (MCF) and its mission, is a reflection of true life experiences of Charles Mulli as a child and his desire to make the world fit for every child one at a time. The vision of MCF is to see children, youth and the marginalized members of society leading a dignified livelihood while the Mission is to follow Jesus Christ in transforming lives of children, youth and the marginalized members of society. 

Born in 1949 in Kangundo, Machakos - Kenya, Charles M. Mulli experienced a debilitating childhood.  Abandoned by his family at age six, he spent his childhood and adolescence begging to survive scraping out a meager existence while trying to come to terms with his abusive past. Through benevolence from relatives, Mulli attended Kyamulendu and Kathithyamaa schools in Kangundo, Machakos completing his primary education in 1966 but was unable to enter secondary school because he could not afford it. At age 17, Mulli converted to Christianity after walking into a church and going through an experience that he believed had allowed him to attain salvation. With an extraordinary will, the young Kenyan struggled to feed and educate himself and, encountering hope in the gospel, found reason to live and to forgive.


With only an eighth grade education, Charles Mulli toiled as a child labourer at a coffee bean plantation and later in 1968 got employed and worked as a casual labourer in an Asian home in Nairobi where his duties included tilling the garden, washing clothes, cooking in the kitchen, and other domestic chores. His diligence to service and hard work, led to his secondment to a horticultural farm in Kakuzi EPZ as a clerk. He later got a job as store manager and data clerk with German Construction Company and from his savings he bought a car which he converted into a taxi in 1971 plying Eldoret - Nakuru road. The diligence and through God’s favor on his life, saw the business grew in volume and size hence leading to a big company operating a fleet of vehicles under the trade name “Mullyways” agencies which also insurance brokerage business, a security firm motor vehicle components and accessories, LPG gas distributor in Western Kenya as well as agricultural business ventures hence becoming very wealthy, with assets valued in millions of shillings. Through diligence and hard work, Charles Mulli experienced unprecedented success. He raised a wonderful family of 8 biological children, excelled in business and between 1970 and 1991 he became a pinnacle in the church movement and board leadership in public schools.

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