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Vocational Training for Girls

Provide a safe space for young moms to heal, teach them how to care for their babies, and receive vocational training that equips them with skills to thrive.

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Mully Children's Family Vocational Training for Girls provides life-changing opportunities to young girls who have been rescued from life on the street. These girls have been subjected to child labour and early marriages and were often victims of physical and sexual exploitation. They come to Mully Children’s Family, either pregnant or with their young babies, and are welcomed into a safe space where physical and emotional healing can begin.

The young moms get the support they need to have a healthy pregnancy and learn how to raise a baby. With the dedicated support of Mully Children’s Family staff and loving mentorship by other moms including Mama Esther Mulli, both moms and their babies thrive.

The young moms are not only given medical attention, counseling, and support in caring for their babies, they are also given vocational training, so they are equipped with skills to earn a living upon graduating. While the moms are in training, their babies receive free childcare. In this 2-3 year program, they are taught skills like knitting, beauty therapy, dressmaking, hairdressing, cooking and baking. They also learn about entrepreneurship, micro-financing, bookkeeping and about their legal rights. Our staff takes time to teach them the power of forgiveness, self-worth, faith, hope and love through the teaching of God’s Word.

Upon graduating, Mully Children’s Family supports the young moms in transitioning to life outside of the program by connecting them with employment opportunities and purchasing machines and equipment that they may need.

Your generous donation will help ensure Mully Children’s Family continues to provide a safe space for young moms and their babies and give them new opportunities in life.