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Hope for the hopeless

A new Book, Hope for the Hopeless, the sequel to Charles Mulli's best selling biography Father to the Fatherless, is now available to order!

Read the inspiring stories of children who have been rescued. There really is hope for those who are lost on the streets of Africa. Written by Paul H. Boge. Endorsed by hockey great Paul Henderson and others.

Mully - DVD
The Biggest Family in the World

A first Childrens Book of the Charles Mulli Story. Discover the inspirational story of the true story of a poor, abandoned six-year-old Kenyan boy. The Biggest Family in the World will encourage all children to experience how much God loves them and to look for the special plans He has for their lives.

Father to the fatherless

Six year-old Charles Mulli wakes up in his Kenyan hut to discover his parents have abandoned him. Forced to beg from hut to hut in search of food. Charles scrapes out a meagre existence while trying to come to terms with his abusive past. Then in a dramatic turn of events, Charles expereinces unprecedented success.